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Fnu Krishna Thomas Godot Hackworth

A phone number: (786) OMG-THOM
Saint Louis University a.k.a. "SLU"

Major in Computer Science
Concentration in Information Security
Private Pilot Certificate Student Washout ;-)

This is how @iiamit teaches class. #@$shole #DerbyCon #GiveHimShit

— indi303 (@indi303) September 24, 2014

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contributions go to text books and 501(c)3 educational not for profit corporations such as Arch Reactor and Hackers for Charity.
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Hack the planet! KNOWLEDGE = POWER
The best Offense is a good Defense

Publication History: ...oh just someleaks...
2014: AttackVectorLinux (Software Architect)
2013: InstantKaliiLinux (Technical Reviewer)
2012: PenTestMag article Spear-Phishing, PDF, and Countermeasures with two co-authors from Norway.
2012: zer0byteBlog post BackTrack for ARM on Android Asus EEE Pad Transformer N.B.: Kali now distributes ARM builds.
2011: PenTestMag article Armitage: Hacking that Feels "Fun" early press for Raff Mudge. I'm a big fan of Hackerspaces.

Required Documents:
Hackerspace Passports Accepted Here

2009: Open Translation Tools authored chapter Intellectual Property, co-authored chapter Machine Translation with Fran Tyers. #langsec #moriarty #trix #rabbit #tpen #borel #wizard
2008: I was contacted by the Open Jar Foundation to republish Draft of a Working Paper for Education at Brown University, or, The Magaziner-Maxwell Report, which I had by-hand digitized from mimeograph copy for the Internet Archive.
Article in Brown University News with regards to the above.

bitcoin tip jar: ch4 my babe.
(CC) 1977 2014 T Hastin, not SLUw00t beer, Inc. importers of finest sassafrass...
Rhetorical Question: "Why is security always reactionary in both nature and posture?"
for posterity:
d/b/a Business Men's Assurance

d/b/a Access Management Group, Inc.
a partially owned subsidiary of Universal Exports, Ltd.
Office hours available by appointment. Please call +1 (314) 324 - 2111 and ask for Krishna.

R.I.P.: Wade Abadessa, Aaron Swartz, Barnaby Jack, Ilya Zhitomirskiy, Biggie, Bruce DePalma, C.P.F., Corey Schmid, Dave Reini, Martin Bosworth, Jonathan James, Phil Schneider, Michael Hastings, Thomas Costello, Teri LaManno, Dr. Roger Lier, et. al.
in lieu of flowers please donate to Freedom of the Press Foundation, or donate BitCoin(s): 1Bb7Eh1NbMgdY7i4RcWzkUiz3epLck7tqZ