Thom Gerard Hastings

Saint Louis University

Major in Computer Science
Specialization in Cyber Security

Private Pilot Certificate Student

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{stealth mode} beta
{semi-stealth mode} gamma /j #vulnVPN on Freenode IRC.
Side Project Uno: an applet-based vulnerable VM Capture-the-Flag WarGame on
Side Project Dos: teaching the command-line inside the browser using HTML5 on (down)

Advanced Technology Group: using High Perfomance Cluster Computing for Optical Character Recognition and Machine Translation on
Information Technology Services: run security audits and deploy Intrusion Detection Systems (i.e. Snorby)

Past Projects
2009-2010: Co-founded Primer Labs in San Francisco, California (it was a Game Design Company)
DISCLAIMER: I left Primer Labs in 2010 due to creative differences between myself and my business partner., which I coded when I was in 8th grade, is archived here for posterity only.
2013: Instant Kali Linux (Technical Reviewer)
2012: PenTest Magazine article Spear-Phishing, PDF, and Countermeasures
2012: zer0byte Blog post BackTrack for ARM on Android Asus EEE Pad Transformer
2011: PenTest Magazine article Armitage: Hacking that Feels "Fun"
2009-2010: Co-founded Primer Labs in San Francisco, California
2009: Open Translation Tools authored chapter Intellectual Property, co-authored chapter Machine Translation
2008: The Magaziner-Maxwell Report a.k.a. Draft of a Working Paper for Education at Brown University (by-hand digitization of mimeograph copy)
-=~=> Article by Brown University News with regards to the above.

2012: BackTrack 5 Scripts scratching my own itches on BackTrack Linux
2012: Old User Program for cleaning out old users on a Rocks cluster