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Thom Godot Hastings

cell: (786) OMG-THOM
Saint Louis University a.k.a. "SLU"

Major in Computer Science
Concentration in Information Security

This is how @iiamit teaches class. #@$shole #DerbyCon #GiveHimShit

— indi303 (@indi303) September 24, 2014

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Contributions go to text books and 501(c)3 educational not for profit corporations such as Arch Reactor and Hackers for Charity.
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Hack the planet! KNOWLEDGE = POWER
The best Offense is a good Defense

Publication History: ... oh just some leaks
2013: Instant Kali Linux (Technical Reviewer)
2012: PenTest Mag article Spear-Phishing, PDF, and Countermeasures 2 co-authors from Norway.
2012: zer0byte Blog post BackTrack for ARM on Android Asus EEE Pad Transformer N.B. Kali now distributes ARM builds.
2011: PenTest Mag article Armitage: Hacking that Feels "Fun" early press for Raff Mudge.

I'm a big fan of

Required Documents:
Hackerspace Passports Accepted Here

2009: Open Translation Tools authored chapter Intellectual Property, co-authored chapter Machine Translation with Fran Tyers. #langsec moriarty rabbit trix tpen borel wizard
2008: I was contacted by the Open Jar Foundation to republish Draft of a Working Paper for Education at Brown University, or, The Magaziner-Maxwell Report, which I had by-hand digitized from mimeograph copy for the Internet Archive.
> Article in Brown University News with regards to the above.

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Rhetorical Question: "Why is security always reactionary in both nature and posture?"
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d/b/a Business Men's Assurance

d/b/a Access Management Group, Inc.
a partially owned subsidiary of Universal Exports, Ltd.
Office hours available by appointment.
The Ghost of Christmas past...

R.I.P: CPF, Corey Schmid, Dave Reini, Martin Bosworth, Jonathan James, Aaron Swartz, Michael Hastings, Thomas Costello, Teri LaManno, et. al.